Lattice is a pop-up pie shop in Greenville, South Carolina celebrating scratch-made classics with new interpretations. All pies are handmade and feature local ingredients whenever possible.  


I've been able to try a few of Lattice's pies, and have been so impressed by the creativity! They use flavor combinations I would never think of, like honey and lavender, and they all seem to turn out amazing. I'm a little bit addicted to the Mexican chocolate pie now. :) They also sometimes have savory pies, including a tomato pie that was excellent. So good!
- Tiffany W.

Delicious!!! My husband had a slice of the Mexican Chocolate and immediately said "For my next birthday, I want this pie!" I had a slice of the Salted Honey lavender. It was so creamy with a tiny crunch from the salt and the perfect amount of lavender, it was delightful!! I cannot wait to try more of these creative flavors!
- Lauren K.

I got to try the Peach Bourbon and Blueberry Moijto and both were excellent! The ingredients were so fresh and the crust perfect and flakey. I can't wait to try more flavors the next time I visit Greenville!
Tanya M.

These are seriously delicious pies made by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I love love loved the toasted peanut butter pie I got at your first pop up at Knack a few weeks ago.
Lynne M.

A. Mazing. I've tried the Apple Rosemary, Strawberry Basil, Lavender Honey, and Mexican Chocolate pies and every single one was fantastic (although the Lavender Honey would narrowly edge out the others as my very favorite). Really creative flavors and I am convinced there is sorcery involved in the crust... it's perfectly flaky and buttery. I highly recommend!
Sally B.

Fantastic! Robyn is able to blend the classic pie that we all know and love, with the complexity and artistry of the contemporary food scene. The end result is something you will remember and want more of!
Zac G.

Probably going to get these names wrong, but I had a blueberry mojito pie and the Mexican chocolate pie and GOOD LORD, they were both amazing and unique. Do yourself a favor and get as many of these pies in your mouth as possible!
 Dave G.

Mexican chocolate pie = heaven on earth. Really. Give me more Lattice pie.
Ann M.

If Special Agent Dale Cooper only knew about Lattice's pies, he would leave Twin Peaks in a heartbeat and probably contrive some "top-secret assignment" that would prolong his stay in Greenville. In a word, it's incredible pie, people.
Spraynard K.

My husband and I have gotten in two separate fights about who has eaten more of each pie that we ordered. Mexican Chocolate and Honey Lavender you are ruining our marriage! Worth it. So good.
Jessica F.